What's the max supply of SSV token and distribution and vesting schedule?

Is there a place conclusion the SSV token allocation?
What’s the max supply of SSV token and distribution and vesting schedule?
Looks like the DAO can mint SSV tokens to new investors and testnet contributors without any limitation?

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For your awareness, this forum is primarily for discussing DAO proposals and governance issues. If you have general questions about the project, the best place to ask is on our Discord.

It hasn’t been voted on yet, but there is a budget that was proposed recently that includes minting tokens (SIP 003: SSV DAO Budget - Initial discussion). However, it will be small (about 3% of the supply) and likely won’t be repeated. Once SSV launches on mainnet in a few months, it will begin generating revenue for the DAO. Because we won’t have any revenue before then, minting tokens will allow us to run some valuable programs, like an incentivized testnet and a bug bounty program. Most of the minted tokens will go towards the bug bounty program, which will only be spent if bugs are found, so we will likely mint far less than the 3% proposed.

There are also tokens being minted from a token sale (about 1 million tokens). Those tokens are being vested with a 2-year linear vesting and a 1-year cliff.

The current total supply, including the token sale, is 10,978,232 SSV. So with an additional 3% minting, the supply could increase to 11,308,232. You can see more details on the accounting spreadsheet here: SSV DAO treasury - Google Sheets.

The DAO does have the power to mint new tokens, but each minting must be approved by a vote. And the community seems to want to minimize minting.