DAO Partner Program - Batch 1, Group #3

Proposal overview

This proposal is an extension of the DAO Partner Program proposal (submitted Oct. 1st 2021). We propose to add the below partners to batch #1 of the program.


The success of the SSV.Network depends on its community, currently composed of highly technical and experienced individuals from the ethereum community.

The motivation behind this proposal is to enlarge the community by engaging, via SSV token ownership, with strategic partners from the ethereum staking industry.

We believe that together we can bootstrap the ssv.network with experienced operators, their communities and eventually mainnet ETH.


The DAO Partner Program was designed to accommodate continuous introduction of new DAO Partners over the course of 6 months. The partners will be subjected to the terms specified in the Genesis Proposal.

The total allocation designated to the partners below is 72,697 SSV tokens (for ETH or USDC) at the ‘batch 1’ reference price of 6.19 USD per 1 SSV(calculation table) :

The above partners are staking services and ssv.network Operators with extensive blockchain infrastructure expertise. Their contributions to the DAO include; funding, staking/tech expertise, active operators in ssv.network, global distribution and more.


Agree with. Add more partners and increase your influence.


I agree. Welcome New Member


Everyone, please express your thoughts within the next 24h. After that, we’ll pass on the proposal to snapshot.org. I’ll put the link here once it is ready to vote.


Voting is now open and ends on the 25th of November:
Snapshot.org - DAO Partner Program - Batch 1, Group #3

Final note, just to emphasize it: The main element of the partnership program is the vesting schedule. The schedule is a 1-year cliff then 1-year linear vesting. This creates a strong incentive for the partners to want SSV to succeed and grow, or they will likely lose their investment. If a partner has a reputation in the crypto space and is willing to commit to the project for at least the entire vesting period, that was enough so far. However, we will make sure that there is more focus on the motivation and the value a partner adds to the project so that the community can discuss and base the decision upon it.