Creating a naming convention for votes: SIP 000

Summary of Proposal

To create a standardised naming system for proposals that pass their temperature check.

Proposal Details

After a proposal passes the ‘temperature check’, that is, the non-token vote done here on Discourse, then it is assigned a ‘SIP’.

For consideration, I suggest a simple convention of:

SIP 1, SIP 2, and so forth.

The first SIP, SIP 1, is the first proposal to pass its temperature check and be placed on snapshot.

Motivation for Proposing

As the DAO matures it deserves a more structured approach to it’s discussion of proposals, as well as a clear reference on offer for each high signal proposal that passes the temp check. Therefore I believe we can take a very basic, yet high-value step, to implement a naming convention.

Reasons supporting the proposal

  1. Low effort implementation
  2. Each proposal will have a clear reference

Reasons against the proposal

  1. You dislike structure


  • Yes to SIP 000
  • Abstain
  • No to SIP 000

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Voting is now open: proposal: Votes naming convention: SIP 000 (

Every vote counts :white_check_mark:


Re-submitting to, since we didn’t reach the minimum quorum.

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