Big Questions About Market Makers Efficient Frontier Please Stop Your Outrageous Behavior

According to the analysis and discussion of our community members, it has always been believed that SSV market makers have unreasonable behaviors:

  1. $SSV has been stuck in an ineffective market since March, BTC ETH up - SSV down.
  2. Compared with $LDO $FXS $RPL on the same track, $SSV performed extremely poorly in terms of market volatility and fluctuations.
  3. The fundamentals and core value of $SSV have been seriously decoupled from the actual market value, and it has been a unilateral decline.
  4. The market maker is an important role and the cornerstone of the success of the project. However, the current practice of market makers has seriously damaged the brand value of SSV.
  5. Our community members strongly demand to stop such ineffective behavior. We don’t care about short-term declines and normal market fluctuations, but what market makers are doing? Why is there such a situation. Resulting in a severe blow to the brand value of $SSV.
  6. If necessary, our community petitions the BLOX project to consider replacing the market maker.

PS:Since the market maker started to enter the market in March, the performance of $SSV has been extremely poor. What exactly are you doing?

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